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Case Studies

Case Studies

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We appreciate that engaging the services of a Solicitor can often be strenuous and very much a daunting experience.

Parnell & Peel Solicitors make the whole process simple, from the very outset our Solicitors will guide you step by step through the merits of your case, the potential outcome, and most importantly, we will tell you how much our services are going to cost. We are proud to offer the Parnell & Peel Solicitors Pledge.

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Our solicitors acted for “D” in relation to speeding, Mr D had been followed by a police officer and used the average speed method, and his speedometer to calculate the speed. We were successful in showing to the court that the speed was incorrect and the police officer had not followed the relevant guidelines. The case against the client was dismissed, and he kept his driving licence.


Our Solicitors acted for “V”, in relation to a speeding matter. The client had received a notice of intended prosecution. The client was adamant that he was not speeding, we advised the client to plead not guilty. During the trial we were successful in establishing that the signage on the particular road was defective, the client was found not guilty. The client received his costs for defending the case in Court.


Our Solicitors acted for “T” In relation to a speeding matter. The client had been followed by an unmarked police car, and summoned to attend court for travelling in excess speed of 120 MPH. We were successful in establishing that the correct procedures were not adopted by the police officer in respects of calculating the speed. The matter against the client was discontinued. The client received costs for defending the case.


Our solicitors acted for “R” he was stopped by police officer, who used his speedometer to calculate the speed. The client accepted he was travelling above the limit, but denied the speed the officer had stated in his statement. We negotiated with the prosecution, and reached an agreement with them in respects of acceptable speed. The client received the equivalent of a fixed penalty fine, and 3 points. Prior to our involvement “R” was looking at a disqualification.

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What Our Clients Say

“Hi Abdul, I would like to thank you and your team for looking after me after been charged with Drink Driving, from the initial contact with Nancy to speaking to you and especially Keiran who represented me in court, who I can’t thank enough. When I thought there was no hope you and Kieran sorted what I thought was a hopeless case. I would strongly recommend you to anyone in the same position. Again thank you to you and your team.”

Nigel Murray

“My family and friends were sceptical about using Solicitors after I was stopped for drink driving. Parnell & Peel Solicitors were willing take a case on that others told was hopeless. I am astounded by Abdul and his teams brilliance in helping me to avoid conviction. If you have been stopped for drink driving do not hesitate to use Parnell & Peel Solicitors.”

Thomas Mcdonagh

“Stopped for drink driving, I started a dream job, and I could have lost everything, Kieran was brilliant at putting forward detailed legal arguments, which resulted in the prosecution offering no evidence in my case. Unbelievable, Thank you to Parnell & Peel Solicitors.”

Oliver Reith

Pricey but when you have your livelihood at stake definitely worth it. No jargon Abdul was just great at explaining away difficult concepts very easily. The barrister used was also fantastic. They are a great firm.”

Mizlain Walton

Parnell and Peel what can you say. Abdul was amazing meticulous and professional throughout. Great customer care and friendly team. Everything was outstanding. Fantastic team, fantastic result.”

Alina Arten

“It was the worse time of my life. My nephew had made allegation against me. I contacted Parnell and Peel, and from the very first conversation with Abdul, I knew he was the one to help me. Parnell used many experts including psychological ones to show that my nephew was not telling the truth, old phone records were also used to provide me with a defence. I was relieved when the Prosecution dropped by Case. I will forever be grateful to the team at Parnell.”


“Thank You, Thank you. I believed my life had ended. I was falsely accused of Rape and I didn’t know where to turn to. I contacted many solicitors, until deciding upon Parnell. It’s the best decision I ever made. The Prosecution offered no evidence, during the Crown Court hearing.”


“Parnell and Peel are magnificent, not only are they excellent at their jobs, but they are humans. Abdul was truly amazing, as was the whole team. The thought of prison for something I did not do was truly terrifying. Abduls amazing eye for detail saved the day. The prosecution had noty followed the correct procedure, and the witnesses had lied on oath. I was found not guilty”


“Brilliant, absolutely amazing firm. I contacted Abdul, having spoken to other firms, although more expensive, you simply get what you pay for. Attentive, inquisitive, and fantastic in Court, both Abdul and John wo represented me during my trial were excellent. Found not guilty of historic allegations.”